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GCC סירי

About GCC Cooking concept

A few words about GCC pots

GCC takes advantage of a 40 years experience in manufacturing top quality cooking pots by INOXIA Italy having the following characteristics:
Stainless steel 18/10 – AISI 304 – Thickness of pots body 1.2 mm , lids 1.2mm
with thermometer on top, Thermo-diffusing capsular base nearly 15mm height
With it’s sole-right of technologies patented all over the world. GCC cooking pots enables Cooking without water and Frying without  Oil.

The prestigious 18/10 stainless steel is an hygienic material and extremely resistant 
The mirror polishing of the external parts gives a note of light in the kitchen and allows the quick cleaning. The internal finishing is brush-polished to make the utensils scratchproof
Knobs and handles, thanks to their ergonomic shape and the use of thermal-insulation materials always allow a safe grip. The edge of the lid, because of its special shape prevents steam leakage. The steam  
cushion which is formed betwee t lid and the pot provides a natural hermetic seal which prevents the loss of precious nourishing substances to the air and considerably reduces the cooking time. Cooking is being made under vacuum conditions.

The special thick thermo-diffusing capsular base accumulates the heat and spreads it out gradually allowing the cooking of foods in their natural fats and liquids and so ensuring food’s quality and natural flavors
The unique system helps us to cook a very qualitative food which maintains most of its vitamins and minerals

Cooking without water prevents dissolubility of nutrients(vitamins and minerals)from the foods to the water and due to lack of cooking water cooking time is being shortened by half thus ensuring great energy save
Using the lid thermometer ensures correct cooking temperature so vegetables for instance will be cooked in a mild temperature of 60 degrees without boiling it and without destroying essential nutrients

The flavors of foods remain natural and tasty and as a result use of salt is reduced
Frying without oil prevents unnecessary calories consumption and one avoids harms made by burnt and oxidized oil

For further information about  our GCC system please contact us: 09-7454228
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